A management contract can greatly assist in achieving the returns that you require on your capital investment, without the day to day headaches of actually running the property.

We are unique in the industry in that we are prepared to back our projections by only sharing in the net profit of our clients.

This model is based on a true partnership between the property owner and ourselves and the model is built through the following steps;

1) We, together with the owner, will prepare a financial model on which the service agreement is based. This model will cover the operations in detail and covers all aspects of the expense and income budget. Staffing, ROI, Capital Expenditure and Provisions are discussed and agreed upon.

2) We conclude a Service Level Agreement based on the above model. As we share in the risk of growing the business and accept the fact that initial returns for us will be low, we cannot provide our services without an initial 5 year agreement.

3) We apply our expertise in the managing, operating and marketing of your establishment.

4) We meet with the owners on a monthly basis to discuss the actual results v/s the budget.

Although variance management remains our responsibility, owners are encouraged to share their views and opinions at these meetings.

We accept that you have expectations of a fair return on your investment and take this into account when negotiating the initial agreement.

As this model has absolutely no up-front cost to yourselves and we could most probably run your property profitably, we would be appreciate an opportunity to further discuss the implementation of our model at your property.